Monday, 12 November 2012

Free available tutorials related programming and computer programs

Hey there! Since about a year I'm busy with learning various computer programming skills. Currently I'm busy with the languages HTML, CSS and Javascript. Last semester I worked with Java/Android for an assignment at university.

For this I used video tutorials. Which work for me sometimes better than books. Before I started with Java programming, I searched for a source which offers free available video tutorials with good quality. I found several websites, but one site was for me the best. It's the website from Bucky Roberts:

What I really like about his tutorials is that he tries sometimes to make a joke in between the serious stuff. In this way even the boring parts of the tutorial become a little more interesting. Maybe you should just view a few video's of the subject you want to learn to try if his tutorials also work for you.

Currently he offers tutorials in various subjects. Some subjects are more explicit reviewed that others, but most tutorials are good enough to make a good start in the subject which you want to explore. As you can see in the list below he also offers some other subjects which you would not expect.

List of available subjects at this moment:


   Computer programming:

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