Thursday, 15 November 2012

Install Arduino Uno drivers on Windows 8

Today I had to re-install my Arduino drivers because I've installed Windows 8. This was a problem because the drivers where not correctly signed. In Windows 7 you could ignore this, but in Windows 8 you need to boot in a special mode in order to avoid the safety measures.

On the Arduino forum there is a nice how-to available about how to install the Arduino Uno drivers on Windows 8.
1. Windows Key + R
2. Enter shutdown.exe /r /o /f /t 00
3. Click the "OK" button
4. System will restart to a "Choose an option" screen
5. Select "Troubleshoot" from "Choose an option" screen
6. Select "Advanced options" from "Troubleshoot" screen
7. Select "Windows Startup Settings" from "Advanced options" screen
8. Click "Restart" button
9. System will restart to "Advanced Boot Options" screen
10. Select "Disable Driver Signature Enforcement"
11. Once the system starts, install the Arduino drivers as you would on Windows 7
source: Original post on Arduino forums by Louis Davis

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