Saturday, 15 November 2014

Hi! Long time no see.

It's almost two years ago since I placed my last post on this blog. Now I'm planning to start again after a long period of silence. So first let me tell why I started this blog and what changed during the long period of inactivity.

Two years ago I was in the second year of the Industrial Design Bachelor program of the University of Technology (TU/e) in Eindhoven. At that time I was developing a concept for helping elderly with rehabilitating. For this I used an Arduino and a Bluetooth module. Since I had to report everything I thought it would be nice to place my experiences with the Bluetooth module on the internet in order to do the reporting, but also to share my experiences in order to help others out.
The result of the Arduino and Bluetooth related project. A brace which connects to a tablet to do interactive exercise  for rehabilitation. 

Now we're 17.274 pageviews and two years further and I found several references from other places to my information. Beside this several people reacted on the posts. It appears that people are reading my blogposts and using it in their projects. So those numbers made me think about restarting with blogging.

During the past two years I focused on software development during my study Industrial Design and I'm now working at an start-up which simplifies shipping for web-shop owners in the Netherlands after successfully finishing my bachelor course. 

Beside my job I'm working on several small software projects and I always have an opinion about some of the related subjects or concepts. So I'm going to drop everything on my blog that may be worth to share or discuss and we'll see what happens. :)

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